Stable version: 0.1.2 (Aug 16 2000)


StripCmt is a simple utility written in C to remove comments from C, C++, and Java source files. In the grand tradition of Unix text processing programs, it can function either as a FIFO (First In - First Out) filter or accept arguments on the commandline. As far as I can determine, it is flawless (but then again, I thought that about previous versions which had bugs.)

(Aug 16 2000) News: Malte John <> was kind enough to send in a bug report and subsequent patch for a bad parser bug. If any quoted strings in your code had an asterisk, StripCmt would put an extra asterisk in, causing something like "*Hi there*" to come out as "**Hi there**". 0.1.2 is out and fixes that problem but adds no other functionality. Download it. Compile it. Run it. Live it.

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